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A chance find on the beach in Malaysia started Asiagemgroup's passion for gemstones. Find out how our Tier 2 Category winner for the eBay Live! 2007 contest turned this passion into a full-time business on eBay.

“Not many people in this world can claim that their passion is their work!”


Q. How did you begin collecting gemstones?
A. Collecting gemstones had been a hobby and passion for me for the past 20 years. My passion would date me back to my teenage days in a very unique encounter I had on a beach in Malaysia. I was strolling down the beach during one of my excursions when I chanced upon a very old, gold antique green stone ring. It had probably been washed ashore from a very faraway place. I took the ring back home and gave it to my mother. As it was all weathered and worn out, my mother took it to the jeweller to have it re-polished. The green stone turned out to be an emerald!

This encounter got me very fascinated by all the colours and beauty which gems can provide. I began to find out more about the different species of minerals and how some of these mineral and crystals can be transformed into such amazing beautiful gemstones that so many people adore today. I have become an ardent gem collector since that eventful day!

Q.How did you get started on eBay?
A. It was about 9 years ago when I chanced upon eBay while searching for gems through Yahoo!. I was already an ardent online buyer then. Since then, I began buying regularly from eBay. When my collection started to build up, I began selling them on eBay. It was then that I began to realise I can actually sell and make some profits doing that.

Q. How did you turn your hobby into a full-time job?
A. Selling on eBay at that time was only a part-time hobby for me. It was not until my friend brought me to Chanthaburi in Thailand which exposed me to the amazing trading experience in the gem market that I realised my passion could actually be turned into a full-time business.

It was not an easy decision for me though. Having a comfortable well-paid job in a US corporate firm in Singapore made the decision even harder. However, I realised that this was the major breakthrough I had wanted in my life. Not many people in this world can claim that their passion is their work! With that, I started an office in Thailand and a shipping office in Singapore. Currently, there are 12 employees working in my company.

Q. What is important to your business?

A. Quality to me is a very important aspect of my business. Looking from a stand-point of a gem collector and buyer, quality of product, customer service and postage are all just as important. Therefore, the tagline Reflecting Quality is in every facet of my business model. Nowadays, I travel frequently to and buy from many major gem marketplaces in Asia and my company mission is to be the most trusted online seller for gemstones.

Q. Do you have any advice for people wanting to start a business on eBay?

A. My advice is to really find a product type that interests you. Work on a reliable source that you can obtain your products at a competitive price that you can leverage on. With all the great selling tools that eBay can provide, there will be no looking back for you. Selling at eBay had already become a very rewarding and sustaining business for me and I wish to continue this business as long as I live as I really enjoy what I do everyday!

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