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Community Member Spotlight - June 2006
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Kaya0619's Story

Meet kaya0619 - Collector turned eBay Seller

The following Seller Showcase shines the spotlight on Ms Sandy Yang, an avid collector of Hard Rock Café merchandise and other exclusive merchandise. She has since profited from her rare finds by listing them on eBay. We take a glimpse at the strong friendships she has forged with other members of the community and highlight some of the unique items that she has sold on eBay.

Q. When did you begin selling on eBay?
A. I began my online venture back in 2003. I am originally from Taipei and had just settled in Singapore with my husband who is Singaporean. I was still fairly new to Singapore then and I decided to occupy myself while my husband was at work.  

Q. So how did you hear of eBay?
A. I actually read a book called “eBay for Dummies”. That was all the inspiration I needed to get me started on my eBay business!

Q. So how did you start your eBay business?
A. My husband and I are collectors of Hard Rock Café merchandise, including pins, shot glasses, shirts and caps. All these items were being stockpiled in our house and there was simply no more room for the latest addition to our family. So I thought to myself, why not list these collectables on eBay!  That’s how I first got started, by making money from my hobby!

Q. Aside Hard Rock Café merchandise, have you included items to your inventory?
A. From Hard Rock Café merchandise, I began to sell other collectable items such as playing cards and collectable Pez candy sticks. When I travel overseas, I do keep an eye out for rare collectables that might be of interest to collectors all over the world.  

Q. What are some interesting items that you’re currently listing on eBay?
A. On one of my travels, I chanced upon a collection of matchboxes. These were not ordinary-looking matchboxes and I knew that I had to get my hands on those. These matchboxes were printed with themes ranging from movies and other popular characters. I felt that these unique finds would be of much interest to other collectors and buyers on eBay as there was simply something special about them. I listed a few on eBay and they turned out to be so popular that I received bids from dozens of buyers all over the world. Now, I have to continually update my supply of matchboxes to meet the overwhelming demand.

Q. How many matchboxes have you sold so far?
A. I have sold over 3,000 varieties of matchboxes, hundreds of Hard Rock merchandise and playing cards.

Q. What do you like about trading on eBay?
A. That is simply what eBay is, not just an online auction site where buyers and sellers trade, but it has given me the opportunity to interact with people from all walks of life and from different cultural backgrounds. I am elated that I was able to develop friendships with my buyers who are constantly in touch with me and often request for more matchboxes. These buyers, who are now my friends, have also recommended more of their friends to visit my online eBay store and they have now become my friends as well! This has indeed proved to be a great way to expand my social circle across continental boundaries. 

Visit kaya0619’s store and see what’s for sale!