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Entrepreneur Philip Wong (ice3cafe) dabbled in different businesses before opening a café and starting an ice-cream delivery service on eBay. He shares some warm memories while trading on eBay.

"You meet all sorts of people through your buying and selling on eBay, and along the way, you make good friends"


Q. How and when did you start selling on eBay?
A. I bought a few books on eBay before I started selling on eBay in 2003. It was for fun, initially. I met this group of eBay sellers online who encouraged me to sell on eBay. I followed their tips and advice, and have been hooked on eBay ever since.

Q.What were you doing before you found eBay?
A. All along I have been running my own business. I was never one to be working in an office at a normal 9 to 5 job. Ever since I was 18, I knew I wanted to be my own boss. I started my own business when I turned 18.

My interest in food has led me to open an ice-cream café and develop new flavours. Since I have been selling on eBay, listing an ice-cream cake delivery service on eBay was part of my marketing outreach plan. eBay provides a bigger network for me to introduce ICE3 to Singapore and market my products.

Q. Any interesting trading experience to share with us?
A. The most beautiful moment is when your buyers email you and share with you how happy they are when they receive the products. I once sold some items to an Australian customer. She is a photographer, and she bought my items for her wedding. I gave her a simple little gift which, I sent together with the items she bought from me. She was so happy, she sent me an email which was a full page long! She mentioned that I played a big part in her wedding, and that the little gift I gave her turned out to a big conversation topic at her wedding. I was so touched when I read her email; I never expected that I could make a difference in a total stranger’s most important moment.

That is what makes the eBay Community so amazing. You meet all sorts of people through your buying and selling on eBay and along the way, you make good friends.

Q. What tips would you give to new sellers who would like to start an online business?
A. Selling online is not just about listing, making money and mailing out the items. Customer service is very important. Be prepared to answer tons of questions from buyers around the world. It will be easier and more enjoyable if you sell something that you are passionate about; you will then find yourself happy answering all those emails and talking about your products to them.

Q. What does eBay mean to you ?
A. eBay has played a big part in my life. I made money from eBay, but the most important is I made many friends from eBay too. I meet up with other eBayers quite often, and they have a heart of gold. We sometimes carry out charity outreach work and hold events for the less fortunate. eBay is a culture, not just a business.

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