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Pop and Talent Hub (PaTH), eBay User ID poptalenthub, Singapore’s first social enterprise talent development platform sells handmade and handcrafted original design products by local sellers. Find out how this group started selling on eBay.

"eBay is a friendly platform for beginners..."


Q. What is PaTH all about?
A. PaTH was set up to challenge the dream of creating a more level playing field especially for the traditionally marginalised but artistically talented. We aim to develop talents by providing them with a commercial platform, empowers them with the relevant survival skills to fill the society gaps and enhances their dignity level with support network and opportunities.

PaTH is an initiative of Social Innovation Park, a not-for-profit organisation the mission to Educate, Empower and Enhance social entrepreneurs to bring positive innovations to lives and societies.

Q.How did PaTH get started selling on eBay?
A. We first started selling on eBay when we wanted to auction a batch of celebrity-designed shoes to raise funds for a youth-empowerment programme in September 2007. After that, we started listing regular products from PaTH on eBay.

Q. Why eBay?
A. PaTH has a physical space at VivoCity (level 3 consourse) where we have been selling handmade, handcrafted and original-designed items since Oct 2006. eBay came to know about our social cause and seeing the potential in Pop & Talent Hub, eBay gave their immediate support to us in our space as well as equipping us to have an online platform.

This great opportunity allowed us to market our products online, with the hope of bringing creative items by local artistic talents and social enterprises into the international market as well as to bring our products into the homes of consumers who may not have been to the PaTH Arts Market at VivoCity.

Q. What tips would you give to new sellers who would like to start an online business?
A. The eBay Seller On-Ramp Programme is definitely helpful to get you started on the basics. We also found the respective help links provided as you surf and browse through the eBay site very informative. eBay is a friendly platform for beginners who want to venture into the online business which can get you connected to your local as well as international market.