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Past Stories


Have you ever wondered how people get started on eBay? We asked our members to share their stories. From amazing bargains and profitable new businesses, to great new friends, read about them and get inspired.
Asiagemgroup's Story

A chance find on the beach in Malaysia started Asiagemgroup's passion for gemstones. Find out how our Tier 2 Category winner for the eBay Live! 2007 contest turned this passion into a full-time business on eBay.

"Not many people in this world can claim that their passion is their work!"
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Closet_Affair's Story
Results of a global research conducted by ACNielsen show that an about 10,000 Singaporeans sell on eBay to supplement their incomes. Over 4,000 Singaporeans earn their income selling on eBay. Meet full time seller Closet_Affair, one of the 4,000 Singaporeans who make a living selling full time on eBay.
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Anglo's Toys Story

This month our spotlight is on anglo. A group of avid Toy Collectors who have been selling on eBay for almost 9 years. Read on to find out what tips this group of young entrepreneurs have for Singaporeans out there who are thinking of starting an online business.

"As a seller, being on eBay keeps me abreast of the trends in the business and provides real time updated market information. It is really up to you to do the homework and sniff out opportunities on eBay"
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theartcreations's Story

Meet W.P Chun, an award-winning artist who started selling on eBay 2 years ago. Find out how eBay changed her life after being diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago. An inspirational individual who has touched many lives through her paintings.

"Selling on eBay is more than just making additional income or occupying time, it has helped me a lot emotionally, through my cancer journey."

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Applebigpie's Story
Part-time seller Cynthia Khoo (eBay ID: applebigpie) has a store on eBay selling a wide range of items like computer and iPod accessories, software, antiques, Nintendo games and more. She shares about her experiences and the satisfaction it gives her trading on eBay.

"It's a reward that no monetary terms can fulfill."
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xglobalx's Story
Meet Raymond Ong. A young entrepreneur and eBay Seller. At 25, the world is literally at his finger tips! "I never really liked the idea of working for someone, that's just not me.I want to be in control of my life. I have achieved the eBay lifestyle. Its a term I coined it's the ability to travel, all expenses paid and work anywhere anytime; from a dingy internet cafe in the old quarter of Hanoi or Khao San Rd in Bangkok"
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Fabrique Factory's Story

Fabrique Factory consists of 3 resourceful students from NUS, who made use of their sewing skills to come up with a range of customised laptop sleeves for their customers. Find out how these Enterprise Day Challenge participants got their start on eBay.

"Selling on eBay has made it easier for us to reach out to the customers since it is very popular both locally and internationally..."
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Benjamin's story
Meet Benjamin Khoo, a self-employed PowerSeller and Education Specialist. At 63, life as a seller on eBay is about to get better!
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Kaya0619's story
The following Seller Showcase shines the spotlight on Ms Sandy Yang, an avid collector of Hard Rock Café merchandise and other exclusive merchandise. She has since profited from her rare finds by listing them on eBay. We take a glimpse at the strong friendships she has forged with other members of the community and highlight some of the unique items that she has sold on eBay.
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Philip's Story

Entrepreneur Philip Wong (ice3cafe) dabbled in different businesses before opening a café and starting an ice-cream delivery service on eBay. He shares some warm memories while trading on eBay.

"You meet all sorts of people through your buying and selling on eBay, and along the way, you make good friends"
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Poptalenthub's Story
Pop and Talent Hub (PaTH), eBay User ID poptalenthub, Singapore’s first social enterprise talent development platform sells handmade and handcrafted original design products by local sellers. Find out how this group started selling on eBay.
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The Society for the Physically Disabled (SPD)'s Story
To date, more than $40 million has been raised for nonprofits through items sold on eBay. Meet Spdauction1, better known as the Society for the Physically Disabled (SPD), a voluntary welfare organisation in Singapore who has just discovered eBay.
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