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Contacting Customer Support to confirm your identity
To increase the security of the eBay and PayPal community, we require sellers to confirm their identity before they can sell their items internationally.
2 important things:
Confirming your identity is only required the first time you list an item. If you have not confirmed your identity with eBay or PayPal, you will not be permitted to list your items internationally. There are 3 ways to do this. Additionally, if you’ve started listing an item, your listing will be saved for 30 days so you can return and complete it without having to start all over again.
Please note only electronic forms of payment are permitted on eBay.  This means either PayPal or merchant credit card accounts. Learn more about PayPal.   
How to confirm your identity through Customer Support with eBay
To confirm your identity through our Customer Support, you’ll need to provide some documentation.
1. Fax us at +(65) 6491 5007 or email us at * with the subject title ‘ATTN: Manual Verification Team – Singapore’ and these 4 items:
Your eBay User ID
Your mobile phone number
Copy of your Identity Card (front and back) or Passport, AND
Copy of proof of address (eg: telephone or utilities bill.)
Note: Mobile phone bills are not accepted. Either the name or address on the bill must match the details on your IC/passport.
  * Email attachments should not exceed 1MB and can be in any of these formats: doc, html, jpg, png, gif, pdf.
2. Wait for an email from eBay to inform you that your identity has been confirmed. Now you can list your item for sale.
Note: If you choose to confirm your identity through customer support with eBay, you will still need to separately confirm your identity with PayPal. We recommend confirming your identity using your bank account as it’s a seamless process – no documentation or faxing. Also, upon completion, your identity will be confirmed with both eBay and PayPal. Learn more about bank confirmation.
Did you know?
There are 2 other ways you can confirm your identity.
1. Using bank account
  We recommend that you use this option. It’s a quicker and easier way to confirm your identity. In one-step, it automatically links your PayPal account to your eBay account. Plus, it’ll create a PayPal account for you, if you don’t have one.   All you need to do is securely, enter your bank information. Learn more.

Using credit card (formerly known as PayPal Verification)

  This option requires you to add and confirm your credit card to your PayPal account, and link your eBay and PayPal accounts. Learn more.