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International Selling Requirements FAQs
eBay International Selling Requirements
Confirming Your Identity Using Your Bank Account
Confirming Your Identity Using Your Credit Card
eBay International Selling Requirements
Q1. What are the requirements for listing an item for sale on a site other than
Ans. There are two:
  1. Sellers must confirm their identity with eBay and PayPal in order to list an item in a market that is different than the site in which they are registered.
  2. They will also need to offer at least one safe payment method on their listings – this means either PayPal or a merchant credit card account.
Q2. Why does eBay have more stringent requirements for listing items for sale internationally?
Ans: eBay seeks the highest level of authentication to improve the safety of trade and better protect our buyers. The ability to buy from and sell to members in other markets is an important part of the eBay marketplace. Many eBay sites have different registration requirements, especially in smaller markets. People trying to commit fraud may take advantage of these different registration requirements in smaller markets in order to sell on and other larger sites. This initiative is aimed at creating a more level playing field, making sure that all users have gone through an appropriate level of identity checks.
Q3. If I don’t want to have my identity confirmed, can I still list on
Ans: Yes, you can still offer items for sale on However, they won’t be available to international buyers on other eBay sites.

Note: To sell internationally, sellers are required to offer at least one safe payment method on their listings – this means either PayPal or a merchant credit card account.
Q4. Why does PayPal and eBay ask its members to confirm their identity?
Ans: Identity confirmation increases the security of the PayPal network as well as trust & safety among the eBay community. Because financial institutions screen their account holders, PayPal's authentication process increases security when you pay or are paid by parties you do not know.
Q5. What are the benefits of identity confirmation?
More spending power: Send unlimited funds from your PayPal account.
No withdrawal limits: Withdraw unlimited funds from your PayPal account.
Increased security and credibility: Identity confirmation not only offers you increased security, but it also lets others know you’re an authenticated member of the community.
More buyer and seller confidence: Buyers and sellers value your confirmed identity status. It shows you have successfully passed PayPal's identification checks
Q6. What are the safe payment requirements for sellers and what does eBay consider to be a safe payment method?
Ans: eBay requires sellers listing internationally to offer at least one safe payment method on their items. Safe payment methods include PayPal or a Merchant Credit Card account. In addition to safe payment method, sellers may include other accepted payment options on their listings. (See the Accepted Payments Policy for specific details.)

eBay strongly encourages sellers to offer payments through PayPal – PayPal is not only convenient to use, but it also offers buyers and sellers industry-leading protection against fraud, chargebacks, and theft of financial data.
Using Bank Account to Confirm Identity
Q1. Can I login to PayPal to confirm my identity using my bank account?
Ans: No. At the moment, confirming your identity with bank account can only be done when you list an item on eBay.
Q2. Do I need to have a PayPal account before I can confirm my identity using bank account?

No.  If you don’t have a PayPal account, one will be created for you as part of the identity confirmation process upon entering your bank account information.

Q3. After I receive the 2 random deposits in my bank account, where do I enter these amounts?

You should return to eBay and enter the 2 amounts.

You can either log in directly to ‘My eBay’ or by clicking on the link in the email that you should have received from eBay on confirming your identity with a bank account.  Learn more.

Q4. What happens if I enter the incorrect deposit amounts?
Ans: You will have 3 attempts to correctly enter the 2 small deposited amounts which were sent to your bank account.  After the third incorrect attempt, you will need to contact customer support to assist you. 
Q5. Can I request a new set of deposits to be sent to my bank account?

No.  You will need to contact our customer support team to help you complete the process.

Q6. Do I have to link my eBay and PayPal accounts after confirming my identity using bank account?

No.  Your accounts will automatically be linked once you receive confirmation that you have completed confirming your identity with your bank account. 

Q7. Why is PayPal asking me to provide additional information after I login to my new PayPal account?
Ans: If you've created PayPal account during the identity confirmation process, PayPal will only ask you for basic information to get you started. In order to complete the full sign-up process of your new PayPal account, you may be requested at a later time to provide additional information.
Using Credit Card to Confirm Identity
Q1. How does PayPal keep my credit information secure?
Ans: PayPal never shares your credit information with third parties, including transactions made between buyers and sellers on eBay. Plus, transactions with sensitive information sent between your computer and our servers are automatically encrypted at the highest level possible. To further shield your credit card number, we do not directly connect our firewall-protected servers to the Internet. This makes PayPal one of the most secure ways to pay and get paid online. Learn more.
Q2. After confirming my identity with credit card, why do I need to link my eBay and PayPal accounts?

Linking your eBay account with your PayPal account after you’ve confirmed your identity helps eBay and PayPal recognise that you have completed the process. Plus, you’re required to offer PayPal or a merchant account as an accepted safe payment method on your items when you list internationally.1

Furthermore, on eBay sites like the US, UK, Australia where eBay and PayPal are integrated, it helps expedite the payment processes in order to make checkout easier and more convenient for your buyers.

Q3. Can more than one PayPal account be linked to a single eBay account?

No, only one PayPal account can be linked to a single eBay account.

Q4. Can I login to my PayPal account to link my eBay account?

No, you need to login to your eBay account and follow the instructions to complete the linking process.

1. Certain sites and categories may be exempt from this policy. Please review the listing policies for the site on which you will be selling your item to understand the requirements.