Seller Spotlight
Wittaya Asawasuwannakul (Ray)
Southeast Asian Top Seller
Member Since: 1998
Country: Thailand
Main Products: Women’s Fashion Apparel
Ray’s eBay Story
• About 12 years ago, when Ray was still at university, he started selling Japanese 3D models on eBay
  as a hobby.
• By the time Ray graduated he was an experienced PowerSeller. He decided to make selling on eBay
  his career, venturing into the higher-margin Women’s Clothing category, with his wife as fashion designer.
• The dresses they sold were an instant hit with the international shoppers on eBay. Their unique designs,
  high quality and reasonable price were great value-for-money.
• In 2006, Ray decided to further establish his fast-growing eBay business by starting a company-
  Asawasuwannakul Industrial Company Limited. With a larger team, the business became more flexible
  and efficient.
• Nowadays, Ray sells up to 400 items every month to customers all over the world, especially in the UK,
  US, Australia, Russia and Europe.

Keys to Success
• Ray always ensures his product listings are eye-catching to attract more customers to his eBay Store.
• His team also tries to go the extra mile for customers, accommodating customization and alteration
  requests while at the same time keeping customers’ details on file to ensure their sizing and preferences
  are always right.

What Ray says about eBay
“eBay is a very effective marketing channel for Thai small and medium enterprises. Since setting up our
company in 2006, we have successfully marketed and sold our products on eBay’s international sites.”

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