Seller Spotlight
Jeson Wu
eBay Top-Rated Seller
Member Since: 2006
Country: Singapore
Main Products: Watches
Jeson’s eBay Story
• Joined eBay to clear MP3 stock from his previous business which he had decided to close down..
• Within a month, he managed to sell all of it on eBay and recoup his investment.
• Amazed at the success achieved in a short period of time Jeson began to conduct research on suitable products.
• On 3 October 2006, Watches-Bay was launched.
• Within six months, Jeson had brought in partner Mr. Jason See, rented an office space and began to hire full time staff.
• Currently Jeson has three full-time and two part-time staff members who handle administration, customer service and logistics.
• In addition, Jeson has opened two retail stores in Singapore with plans to open two more at the end of 2011.
• Much of Jeson’s business is driven by cross border trade. By setting up eBay stores in the UK, Australia and Germany, he has increased his sales dramatically and now generates over 1 million US dollars annually.

Keys to Success
Most of our products are sourced from overseas markets.

Keys Challenge
Our main challenge is finding the right supply and selling our products at the most competitive prices on eBay, while maintaining a sustainable margin.

Keys to Success
• Customer satisfaction and retention is the key factors for his success.
• Some of the successful techniques used by Watches-bay include custom-made packaging, ensuring products do not arrive damaged, 24-hour fulfilment policies and checking in with each customer after 30 days
•With over 95 million active users around the planet, eBay is the most effective and efficient marketplace for selling to global customers.

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