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JDM founder JDM-Motorparts
eBay Top-Rated Seller
Member Since: 2010
Country: Malaysia
Main Products: Used petrol and diesel engines, vehicle components and accessories.
JDM-Motorparts' eBay Story
• Established in 1999, JDM-motorparts employs over 100 people, mainly serving large dealers in the US and South America via container exports.
• Started an eBay store in December 2010 through the eBay for Business program and the export business has shifted into top gear.
• Sales on eBay have been very encouraging with close to 90% of listings converting into sales transactions in the first month.
• Targeting US$2 million worth of sales within the first year and 1,000 listings on multiple sites.

Product Sourcing
JDM-motorparts exports and imports high-performance used petrol and diesel engines, as well as all kinds of vehicle components and accessories.

Key Challenge
One of the biggest challenges for JDM-motorparts, was getting its car components to overseas buyers which was overcome through eBay’s global online marketplace

Keys to Success
• The eBay for Business program in particular has been very helpful in helping JDM-motorparts to bring its business online. There is also minimal capital involved so the returns on investment are high.
• The cross border trade business on eBay is helping JDM-motorparts to grow exponentially. Currently around 60% of the business is export based. However, with the additional access to foreign markets eBay is offering, this proportion is expected to grow significantly.
• eBay has been a great platform for the clearance of stock that can no longer be sold via existing sales channels, providing JDM-motorparts with an additional revenue stream. .
• The business is now able to expand its reach to new customers beyond Malaysia to the US and other markets like Armenia, India, Kazakhstan, Russia, Sweden and Ukraine.

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