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How can I protect myself against account and identity theft?

If you provided confidential information through a spoof Web site, you should take measures to both secure your eBay account and your identity.

These measures include:

  • Securing your eBay account by changing your email password, changing your eBay sign-in information (password and secret question), and verify that your contact information is correct. For more information, see Protecting Your eBay Account and Securing Your Account.

  • Placing a fraud alert on your credit reports, contacting your credit card company and your bank, and filing a police report. For more information, see Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft.

  • Educating yourself on the ways third parties obtain sensitive information online, including use of spoof email and spoof Web sites. For more information, see Reporting Spoof Emails and Recognising a Spoof (Fake) Web Sites.

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