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What does it cost to sell on eBay?

While other sites like or charge fees to list your item on their sites, this is a free site and does not charge Insertion or Final Value Fees. The cost depends on total fees calculated based selling format, optional listing upgrades, category, and site. The eBay fee pages have tables to help you figure out how much it will cost you to sell your item.

View fees at: eBay Fees | eBay Stores

If you are not familiar with eBay’s fee structure, reviewing a simple example will help you understand how to use the fees tables to calculate the cost of selling an item.

Insertion Fee - If you want to sell on item on eBay, you create a listing using the Sell Your Item form. When you list an item on other eBay sites, you are charged an Insertion Fee for the listing. The Insertion Fee is based on what you decide is the Starting Price of your item. Note: As this is a free site, there is no Insertion Fee charged.

Final Value Fee - If the item sells, you are charged a Final Value Fee if you list on other eBay sites. The Final Value Fee is based on the final amount the item sells for. The Final Value Fee does not include postage costs. Note: As this is a free site, there is no Final Value Fee charged.

Listing upgrades (optional) - If you want to add a subtitle or an extra picture to your listing, a charge would be added for each listing upgrade. The charges also depend on the category and format you list in.

When you sell an item, you can review your fees on the Sell Your Item form before you submit your listing.

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