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Selling Manager & Selling Manager Pro

As your eBay sales grow, so does your need to manage and track sales. Selling Manager is an online selling tool that lets you stay on top of your listings, track sales, and perform post-sales tasks such as handling Feedback, email, and shipping. Selling Manager Pro provides all the features of Selling Manager, but adds inventory and automation features. Find out more.

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To subscribe, go to the Selling Manager or Selling Manager Pro subscription page and click the Subscribe Now button. To unsubscribe, go to My eBay and click the Account tab. On the left side of the page, under My Account, click the Subscriptions link. Find the subscription you want to cancel and click the Cancel Subscription link.

Help topics


Getting started
Find out the difference between Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro, and how to start managing your listings and sales.

Subscribing and unsubscribing
Start or cancel your subscription.

What's in your Selling Manager views
Stay on top of your sales with views that organize your listings by status.

Listing items for sale

Listing and relisting items

Create new listings or relist. Plus, learn how to automatically relist items.

Searching your listings

Find the listing you're looking for.

Making a Second Chance Offer

Extend Second Chance Offers to other bidders after your auction ends.

After the sale

Tracking your sales

Find out the status of your sales and what's left to be done.

Sending email to buyers

Send customized email messages to your buyers.

Invoicing buyers and receiving payment

Track payments from start to finish.

Shipping items

Print shipping labels, packing slips, and other documents in bulk, directly from your sales records.

Leaving Feedback

Save time by using stored Feedback and leaving Feedback in bulk.

Updating your sales records

Update payment and shipping status, and buyer information.

Managing inventory & sales with Selling Manager Pro

Getting started with inventory

Decide how you want to use inventory and get a step-by-step overview.

Creating products and listing templates

Define the products you sell and the listing templates you use to sell them.

Updating your inventory

Make changes to your products and listing templates.

Tracking inventory quantity

Find out how much product you have on hand, how much is available to list, and when to restock.

Selling products and automating your sales

List products in bulk. To save more time, let Selling Manager Pro automatically list or relist items for you.

Setting automation preferences for Feedback, emails, and listings

Automate your buyer communication and Feedback. Plus, learn how to suspend automated listing rules while you're on vacation.

Getting reports about your sales

Learn which of your products generate the most profits with a custom profit and loss report.

Beyond the basics

Uploading products and listing templates from CSV or Excel files

If you track inventory in another application, you can upload the data into Selling Manager Pro.

Uploading listing templates from Turbo Lister

Already using Turbo Lister? You can save time by uploading your listings into Selling Manager Pro.

Setting site preferences

Some eBay site preferences are specific to Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro.

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