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Selecting a Want It Now Category

Selecting the most appropriate category will increase the chances of the right seller finding your post and responding. There are two ways to do this:

  • Select a top-level category
    Pick a top-level category from the list shown under "Category." Based on the title you entered for your post, eBay will automatically determine the best subcategory for your post (this is based on how other items have been categorized on eBay).
    This option is great for beginners who want to quickly create a post.

  • Specify a category number (for more experienced users)
    After clicking on the "Specify a category number" link, you will see a box to enter your category number.

To find the correct category number to enter:
  1. Make sure that "Show category numbers" is selected.

  2. Go down to the lowest subcategory. This is where your post will be displayed to sellers. For some categories, you may need to click on "See all.." to find the lowest subcategory.

  3. Note the category number and enter it in the Post to Want It Now page.

Tips on selecting a category:
  • Remember that posts can only be filed under the lowest-level subcategory. For example, you cannot file your post under "Antiques" or "Antiques > Arts." However, you can file your post under "Antiques > Arts > Paintings."

  • Search for items or other Want It Now posts that are similar to yours and notice which categories they are listed in. Try several different keyword searches and see if you find categories with more listings than others.

  • If your item fits into multiple categories, create other Want It Now posts in those categories.

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