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Sales Reports Plus Tour
A. Show / Hide Report Sections ()
Use the expand/collapse buttons in the Sales by Category and Format sections to make your reports easier to use and navigate! You can also click on the new format links at the top of your Sales by Category and Sales by Ending Day, Ending Time, and Duration sections to analyse your sales more easily.
B. Report Preferences ()
This new feature allows you to determine if you'd like:
- Full category names displayed in your reports
- Numerical values to appear on your graphs, and
- Your report to default to your most recent weekly or monthly report
C. View Your Report by Week or Month
Use the pull-down menu on the upper right-hand side of the report to select which report (weekly, monthly) you would like to view.
D. Print or Download Your Report
Click "Print" on the upper right-hand side of the report to see your selected report on paper. Be sure you are properly set up and connected to your printer. Click "Download" to download your Sales Reports data into a text file. You can also import the file(s) into any popular desktop application to conduct additional analysis.
E. Archived Reports
Archived Reports allows you to review your historical reports for up to 24 months. Reports will only be available for those months in which you are signed up as a subscriber.
E. News & Updates
Be sure to check for announcements! We'll be posting important information, including data or system-related updates.
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