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Why become a PowerSeller
How do I qualify
PowerSeller FAQ

PowerSeller Criteria

PowerSeller membership is FREE to qualified sellers. eBay automatically upgrates your account ID.

To qualify and to remain PowerSellers, members must:

  • Uphold the eBay community values, including honesty, timeliness and mutual respect
  • Meet average minimum sales requirements in bellow
  • 90 days on site
  • Complete 100 transactions as a seller and $3000 USD in sales volume in the previous 12 months
  • Feedback rating of 98% or above
  • Have an account in good financial standing
  • Comply with all eBay listing and marketplace policies
  • 12 month average detailed seller ratings (DSRs) with Global buyers of 4.5 or higher for all four DSRs.
  • Rates of 1s and 2s* on DSRs with Global buyers not to exceed the following rates and counts:
    • Items as described: 1% or a count of 3
    • Communication: 2% or a count of 3
    • Ship time: 2% or a count of 3
    • Shipping & handling charges: 2% or a count of 3

* Sellers that meet average minimum requirements above will be eligible for PowerSeller status between the 18th and 20th of each month.PowerSeller Levels.

There are 5 tiers that distinguish PowerSellers, based on average monthly sales and the benefits and services vary with each tier. Each month, eBay automatically calculates eligibility for each tier and automatically notifies qualified members through email.

Annual Requirement - For our seasonal sellers, maintain the following annual average based on the prior twelve months (Please check on seller dashboard):

  Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Titanium
Sales US$ 3,000 US$ 36,000 US$ 120,000 US$ 300,000 US$ 1,800,000
Transaction 100 3,600 12,000 30,000 180,000

How PowerSeller Feedback is calculated

The 98% or better positive Feedback rating for PowerSeller programme eligibility is calculated differently than the site Feedback rating visible on the Seller Information and Member Profile pages. The Feedback percentage seen on the rest of the site is calculated based on Feedback only from unique users. The PowerSeller Feedback score is calculated based on total user Feedback, to better reflect the fact that many PowerSellers have satisfied repeat buyers. eBay calculates PowerSeller Feedback by taking the total number of positive Feedbacks and dividing them by the total number of Feedbacks (both positive and negative).
For general Feedback information, click here .


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