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      The eBay Editor Kit: Display Live eBay Auctions & Listings  

    Get Editor Kit Now

    The eBay Editor Kit (EK) is one of the most innovative and effective affiliate tools available. With the EK, affiliates can add relevant, real-time eBay listings to their Web sites in just seconds. Best of all, the EK produces click-through rates two times greater than traditional banners!

    Whatever your Web site's content or user demographic, eBay's Editor Kit will dynamically list pertinent eBay auctions and listing details, including product information, gallery images, bidding prices, and ending times. Each specification is completely customisable.

        Specifics: How Editor Kit Works

    Affiliates can display up to 200 eBay listings that are dynamically updated in real-time.

    Additionally, affiliates are able to customise each Editor Kit by specifying the search results set and the format to match the content and look of your Web site. Here are some of the customisable features:

    • Search term
    • eBay category
    • Seller(s)
    • Number of items displayed
    • Editor Kit size and colour

        Create an Editor Kit

    Click the "Get Editor Kit" button to login, agree to the Editor Kit licence terms, and begin customising a block of eBay listings.

    Need more information? Read through the Editor Kit User Guide.

    Have other questions about the eBay Affiliate Programme? Contact us.