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Meet Benjamin Khoo, a self-employed PowerSeller and Education Specialist. At 63, life as a seller on eBay is about to get better!


Q. When did you start selling on eBay?
A. Since November 2000

Q. What do you sell on eBay?
A. I sell consumer electronics and accessory products.

Q. What drew you to eBay?
A. The beauty about online business is that you never have to worry about employees, rent, costly technology or any of the other expenses that you would otherwise have to incur if you were to build up a business off the eBay platform. eBay already has in place the system format for you.

Once you list your product/service, you can go about your other business. It's not like a retail store, where you must be there in person; the amount of time you spend is entirely up to you. Your level of involvement is your own decision. This means there is no reason to give up the security of your present employment until you are ready. Increase your level of involvement whenever you want to or keep it strictly as a sideline. The choice is yours

Q. When did you begin training sessions at the local Community Centres? Why?
A. I started the training courses in March 2005 at local Community Centres: Bedok, Bishan North and Chua Chu Kang and will extend them to other CCs in the near future.

I like to share my knowledge with people. The great thing about eBay is that anyone can start a business with very low cost investment. All you need is a PC at home, and you can sell to the world.
My ultimate goal is to cultivate the spirit of entrepreneurship and to show how you can take advantage of the eBay marketplace.

Q. Who attends your classes? What is their age range?
A. They come from all walks of life, and are aged from 19 to 72. There are professionals who have heard of the success stories on eBay and want a piece of the pie, small business owners wanting to venture online and reach the international market, stay-at-home mums who want to be self-employed and work from home, retirees who want to find constructive ways of using their time as well as earning some extra cash.

Q. What do you cover during these training sessions?
A. My training course covers all listing process, selling tips, basic html, postage and much more

Q. Do you have any tips to dish out to those who want to trade online
A. With more than 200 million registered users, there are lots of other sellers competing with you for the attention of all those eager buyers.
How can you stand out from the crowd and draw eyeballs to your product or service?

Heres my advice:

  • Don't list more than you can handle
  • Set a monthly budget to spend.
  • Your Listing Description must include pictures and detailed information about your product.
  • Set up an About Me page introducing yourself and your business. Its free of charge!
  • Learn from others. Spend some time reading the various discussion boards at the eBay Community hub
  • Choose appropriate categories to list your products, add sub-categories if necessary or add extra features to make your listing stand out, such as Gallery picture.
  • Search completed items similar to your item on eBay before you list your items.
  • Remember to click on immediate payment" when you opt for "Buy It Now " format (BIN)
  • Source for high value and light weight products for sale, especially items from Singapore
Visit eBay Explained to learn more about buying, selling and keeping safe on eBay.

For more information about Ben’s Basic Courses:

Basic course

Visit Bens Store today!