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eBay Stores
  eBay Stores is a platform to help you maximise your business on eBay. A professional-looking Store with the tools to build, manage and grow puts you on a level playing field with even the largest online retailers.
eBay Stores Features - Reasons to Open an eBay Store
Bigger Profits & Savings
On average, sellers see a 25% increase in sales the first three months after opening an eBay Store.

Save Time
Stop spending your time relisting your items. Instead, stock your Store with Store Inventory listings that last for longer durations - 30 days, 90 days or even Good 'Til Cancelled!

Credibility and Polish
A professional-looking Store gives you credibility as an online retailer, and makes shopping easier for your buyers.

Customise Your Store
Start building your brand on eBay and building repeat business with your customers. You control the look and feel of your Store. Plus, create up to 20 custom categories within your Store to merchandise your listings effectively.

Get Your Own Web Address
Receive your very own URL so you can drive buyers, both on and off eBay, directly to your Store.

Cross-promote Your Store Inventory
Only Store sellers are given the opportunity to display complementary items from their Store to prospective buyers. With an easy to use cross-promotion tool, all Store sellers are given complete control over which items are cross-promoted to buyers.

Free Monthly Reports
All Store sellers receive monthly sales reports that outline their activity by category (eg: monthly gross sales, conversion rates, number of buyers).

Get Your Own Search Engine
With your own search box within your Store, buyers will be able to search through your items to find exactly what they want. There's no other way on eBay for buyers to do such searching and finding.

More Promotion & Email Your Buyers
eBay will take on the job of helping you promote your Store on Stores pages as well as in the Related Stores area on eBay's Main Search and Listings pages. Plus you can use your Auction and Fixed Priced listings to drive buyers to your Store. You can also utilise the Store's emailing feature to send regular updates to your own mailing list of buyers. Talk about marketing made easy!