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What does Subtitle look like?

What is Subtitle?
A subtitle on your listing lets you provide additional information about the item that may catch a buyer's eye. Buyers typically view a list of item search results or browse categories to find what they are looking for. A good subtitle can differentiate your item from similar items listed by other sellers, and can increase a potential buyer's interest.

How much is Subtitle?
Subtitle costs an additional S$ 0.10 per listing.
Note: Words in your Item Subtitle will not be searchable when buyers conduct a basic title search. However, words in your subtitle will appear in search results if the buyer searches within the title and description.

Use the Subtitle feature to:

  • Call out key selling points about your item (for example, brand name, artist, designer, accessories, or options)
  • Provide secondary information about the item that doesn't really belong in the Title (for example; item condition, benefits, specifications, model number)
  • Or any extras you might offer
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