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Tutorial - Turbo Lister

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Adding New Items

Save it once, use it again and again
Discover the time saving advantages of Turbo Lister. The interface makes creating listings easier than ever to get your item up for sale. Enter the details of your item into the application window. You're working offline, so your Internet connection or speed is not a factor. You'll see that the form guides you through the necessary fields, starting with title and category and ending with an area for your very own seller instructions and policies.

Once you have filled out the necessary fields, you have a few options. You can save the item to be listed for sale, you can save the information as a template to be used over, or both. This is where the real time savings is!

  • AWrite your Title and determine the most appropriate Category
  • BSelect the Item Specifics that best describe your item
  • CChoose the Format, set your Prices and Duration
  • DAdd Pictures and access the Description Builder
  • ESelect any Listing Upgrades that you'd like to increase your exposure with buyers
  • FSelect Postage, Payment and other details
  • GPreview what the listing will look like
  • HSave the information as an item to be uploaded to eBay
  • ISave the information as a Template

Create the best looking listings
Alleviate the stress of formatting listings. Choose which view you want to use to create your custom listing description. Use the Design View to change the look with a few clicks of the formatting buttons. Or use the HTML View to write your own HTML code for your description. You can choose to use Listing Designer and really showcase your item. You are able to preview the listings so that you can see exactly how the listing would look if it were listed for sale.

  • ADesign using common editing commands or choose to design in HTML view
  • BPreview your listing at anytime
  • CIn Design View, use the formatting and editing controls to change font, colours, spell check and more
  • DAdd or remove pictures easily
  • EChoose from the many fun border designs and layout options when you use Listing Designer