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Tutorial - Turbo Lister

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Your Item Inventory

View, edit and create more listings all from one place
See all the key information about items that you have created from one convenient inventory screen. When viewing your inventory you can sort by any of the columns, search for specific items and create new folders. This is also where you can create the listings at your leisure before you upload them for sale on eBay.

You can create new items from existing items by duplicating them or by starting with a template that you've saved. Change any details, like format, start price or anything else and you've got a whole new item. No need to fill out the entire item screen again. You can even select more than one item by using the Shift or Control keys to Duplicate or Add to Upload right here from the Inventory screen.

  • ACreate and manage folders
  • BDuplicate one or many items
  • CAdd one or many items to the Waiting to Upload area
  • DChange the format of one or many items
  • ESort by any of the columns
  • FSearch for items you want to find
  • GInline edit the title, format, price and other fields directly on the Inventory screen

Edit items directly in the window

When on the Inventory screen, you can right-mouse click on an item and enable inline editing, add or change the Item Specifics, and more.