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Tutorial - Selling Manager Pro

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Bulk Relist and Archive

Relist your unsold items in bulk and save valuable time. Also, manage your listings better by moving old items into your personal archive for easy access later.

  • ARelist or delete multiple listings all at the same time!

Selling Manager Pro Listing Templates are simply saved versions of your Sell Your Item forms. To create a new Listing Template just click on the Create New button or duplicate an existing template.

  • BArchive your old listings in bulk from the Sold Listings view. Store them for up to 4 months for easy retrieval later.
  • CQuickly find what you're looking for - simply search by buyer emails, item number, item title, or eBay User ID. It's simple to locate anything in your archives.
  • DDon't forget to export all your sales information into an Excel spreadsheet for bookkeeping. Selling Manager Pro only stores the sales information for 4 months after the sale ends.