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Biz Plan Template

All participating individuals or teams are to submit their business plan of a one-page summary (A4-size, Arial, Font Size 11, Alignment Justified) with a cover page, in soft copy.

Click here to download the Business Plan Template.

The Business Plan Template includes the following:
Cover page

eBay User ID

Team Members (Contact details and School)

Team Members (Activities and Responsibilities)
The Business Plan
Goals and Objectives
  > Where you want your business to be?
Products Offering

Describe your products.

What factors will give you competitive advantages? Examples include level of quality or unique features of your products.

What is the pricing strategy of your products?

What is the delivery mode you offer?

How do you ensure maximum customer satisfaction?
Marketing Plan

Who is your target market and why they want or need your products?

Describe in brief how you conduct the research on your market and what are your findings.

What are the listing strategies of your products?

Growth Trends in This Business
How can your business be expanded? Examples include product enhancement, new products or new market.


Tools n Stuff

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How can Buyers pay me?
What is Feedback?
Selling Tools
Turbo Lister
Sales Reports
My eBay
Earn Bonus Points
Start a Blog
Build an About Me Page
Enhance and Market your Listings
Sell for a Cause (partner with a Charity/NGO/SE)

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