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Tutorial - eBay Toolbar

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Account Guard

eBay Toolbar helps keep you safe.
eBay Toolbar comes with Account Guard, a feature that helps protect your eBay and PayPal account information. Account Guard warns you when you're on a potentially fraudulent (spoof) Web site. It also lets you report such sites to eBay.

  • Located prominently on the toolbar, the Site Indicator changes colour to indicate whether you're on a verified site or a potential spoof site. The Site Indicator turns:

    Green if you are on a verified eBay or PayPal Web site

    Red if you are on a potential spoof site, and

    Grey if you are visiting an unidentified Web site.

  • eBay Toolbar's Account Guard feature provides a warning when you are entering your eBay or PayPal passwords into an unverified site even if it looks like eBay or PayPal.
  • This optional feature will block your eBay password from being submitted to the Web site unless you affirm that you want to use your eBay password on that site.

Report a Spoof Site

Report a Spoof Site if you suspect that you are on a fraudulent (spoof) eBay or PayPal web site. If eBay verifies that a Web site is fraudulent, the information will automatically be distributed to all other eBay Toolbar members, warning them about the spoof Web site. To report a site, click the Account Guard icon and select "Report this as a Suspicious Site" from the drop down menu.

Did you know...

You can get more information on fraudulent Web sites and spoof (fake) emails at eBay's Security Centre.