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What is Feedback?
Feedback is made up of comments and ratings left by other eBay members you've bought from and sold to. These comments and ratings are valuable indicators of your reputation as a buyer or seller on eBay. They are included, along with an overall feedback score, in your member profile.

How Does Feedback Work?
The feedback system is easy to understand. You receive:
  • +1 point to your feedback score for each positive comment and rating left for you.
  • 0 points to your feedback score for each neutral comment and rating left for you.
  • -1 point to your feedback score for each negative comment and rating left for you.
  • A feedback star once you have 10 or more comments and ratings left for you.
For example, Skippy (125) means that the eBay member with the User ID 'Skippy' has received positive feedback from at least 125 other eBay members.

When Should I Check Feedback?
You should check the feedback profile of a Seller before you bid on or buy their item. Take your time to get to know the seller and view her/his online reputation by reading recent feedback comments left by other buyers.

What Sort of Feedback Should I Leave?

After you make a purchase or sale, remember to leave feedback for the eBay member you bought from. This helps everyone in the community know what it's like to deal with that member.

If any aspect of your transaction was unsatisfactory, always try contacting the seller to resolve the issue, either by email or phone, before you leave feedback. eBay encourages open and honest communication and most eBay members will be happy to resolve the issue.

  Note: You have 90 days after making a sale or purchase to leave feedback for the other member. The feedback you give is permanent, so be sure to make only fair and factual comments.

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