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My eBay
What Is My eBay?
My eBay All Buying page is a complete summary of the status of your buying activities on eBay. It also includes My Messages - emails guaranteed to be from eBay or eBay members. Here is what you can find within My eBay:
  • Buying Reminders
  • Items I'm Watching
  • Items I'm Bidding On
  • Items I've Won
  • Items I Didn't Win

Buying Reminders
The Buying Reminders view is your "to do" list for your eBay buying activities. Check Buying Reminders to see how many items you still need to pay for, have been outbid on, need to leave feedback for, and more.

The Won Totals feature of Buying Reminders gives you the number and total cost of items you've bought. Use the drop-down menu to specify the time period you want to see totals for, from one day up to the past 90 days.

Items I'm Watching
Track the prices of up to 100 items you're particularly interested in. You can watch any item simply by clicking "Watch This Item" link within any listing. To bid on an item in your watch list, just click the Bid Now button.

Using the links in the upper left corner of the Items I'm Watching View, you can choose to see all items you're watching, or just those that are active or have ended.

To specify which details to see in your Items I'm Watching list, click the Customise link and use the controls to select and position columns of information.

To delete an item from your Items I'm Watching list, just select the check box in front of the title of the item and then click on the Delete button. Once you have done this, the items you no longer wish to watch will be deleted from your list.

You can add a personal and private note, such as why you're interested in an item or what you know about the seller, to any item in your Items I'm Watching list. Just select the check box next to the item and click the Add Note button at the bottom of the view box.

To print your Items I'm Watching list, use the Print link to see a printable view of the list. Select Print from your browser's controls.

Items I'm Bidding On
This works in exactly the same manner as Items I'm Watching.

Note: After a listing ends, it will move to the Items I've Won or Items I Didn't Win view.

Items I've Won
View all your recent purchases at eBay and see their payment and feedback status at a glance.

Under the column label Action, you'll see buttons or links to let you take the next action to complete your purchases. Click on a button or link to activate a drop-down menu offering choices of actions.

You can see items you've won for up to the past 90 days. Use the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the view to choose the time period shown.

The icons in the three right hand columns quickly show you:

  • Whether you've paid for the item
  • Whether you've left feedback for the seller of the item
  • Whether you've received feedback from the seller of the item, and whether the feedback was positive (showing a plus), neutral or negative (showing a minus).

If the icon is blue, it means the action is complete. Grey means it's not complete.

Items I Didn't Win
If an auction listing you've bid on ends and you didn't win, the listing will appear under Items I Didn't Win. From here, you can search for other items from the same seller or look for related items.

Click on the Customise link to choose which details to show about the items you didn't win, including item ID, start price, start date/time, or seller ID.

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