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Paying For An Item
How Can I Pay For My Item?

Before you buy an item, always make sure that the seller's payment methods will work for you.

There are many payment methods and most sellers offer more than one. Some methods offer more protection than others, so be sure to select a method of payment that makes you feel comfortable.

Consider paying with PayPal or a credit card, for maximum buyer protection. If you pay with PayPal, most transactions are covered for the full amount of the payment through the PayPal Buyer Protection Programme.

The various payment methods include:

How Can I Pay By PayPal?
If you are paying for an eBay item from an international seller and PayPal is offered as a payment option, either return to the eBay listing page or go to your winning email and click the Pay Now button. If you are paying for an item purchased on, log in to your PayPal account and click the 'Send Money' tab. Learn more on how to pay using PayPal .

If the seller has specified postage and handling costs, all you need to do is confirm your postal address and select PayPal as the payment method. You will be taken to the PayPal Web site to send your payment. If you do not already have a PayPal account, one will be created for you. At PayPal, you can specify how you would like to fund your PayPal payment (PayPal balance or credit card) and send the payment. That's all there is to it.

If your seller did not specify postage and handling costs, you can enter an amount to pay. Read the item description and your seller's payment instructions carefully to see if you need to include additional charges such as international postage. Once you confirm your postal address and enter the final payment amounts, just select PayPal as the payment method and you will be taken to the PayPal Web site to send your payment.

If your seller did not specify postage and handling costs and you do not know how much to pay, you can send an email to the seller to request the total payment amount.

How Can I Pay By Wire Transfer?
This method, also known as bank transfer, allows you to deposit funds directly into the seller's bank account. It can take up to 3 days for your funds to clear depending on the bank you use. Be aware that many sellers have multiple items for sale, so you must ensure you label your payment accurately.

When completing the payment via Internet banking, always state your eBay User ID or item number. It is good practice to email the transfer confirmation screen or forward the confirmation email (where applicable) to your seller to inform them you have paid. Most branches won't let you specify a reference number or word when you pay in person. It is good practice to let your seller know where you deposited it, when, and how much the amount was.

If you are not sure how to transfer money to another person's account through Internet banking, simply contact your bank for assistance.

How Can I Pay By Money Order?
Money Orders are a convenient, safe and economical alternative to personal and bank cheques. Be aware that it could take up to 7 days for the seller to receive your money order and for it to be cashed at a Post Office.

Paying for an item using a Money Order means it is:

  • Traceable to a particular mailing address.
  • Easy to buy and cash at post offices in Singapore.
  • Accepted as a form of currency.
  • Not necessary to have a bank account.
  • Possible to be issued in both local and foreign currency.
  • Some services offer the option to stop a Money Order if problems arise before the payment is cashed.

How Can I Pay By Cheque?
Some sellers will allow you to pay by cheque. Be aware that sellers will not send your item until the funds clear into his / her account. This can take up to 7-10 days for the seller to receive your cheque in the mail and for it to clear. Always inform the seller when you are paying by cheque and when you have posted it.

Paying by cheque means:

  • It is traceable to a particular mailing address.
  • It provides proof of payment.
  • It is covered up to S$ 330 through eBay's Buyer Protection Programme (minus S$ 42 for processing costs).
  • Most banks offer a stop payment service if problems arise before the cheque is cashed.

How Can I Pay By Credit Card?
Some sellers have merchant facilities which allow you to pay them via credit card. When paying by credit card over the Internet, always make sure you input your details over a secure site.

Paying with credit card means your payment is:

  • Traceable
  • Immediate and convenient
  • Limited liability: Most credit card issuers provide online protection. Please read your cardholder agreement for details.
   Note: Since credit card purchases are generally protected by your card company, if problems arise please attempt resolution through your card company

How Can I Pay By Cash On Delivery / Pick Up?
For larger items, some sellers offer the option of COD or cash on pick up. This usually entails agreeing on a time and place to meet, and payment will be made upon receiving the item.

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