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Item Specifics
What are Item Specifics?
Item Specifics is an eBay feature that allows you to provide additional item details within a category that help buyers find your item. Buyers view Item Specifics as search or browse options called Product Finders.

Why should I use Item Specifics?
  • Gives buyers an easy, fast way to search for your item.
  • Makes the basic facts about your item clear and accessible on your listing.
  • Gives buyers more details about your item and helps them make an informed purchase.
  • Provides an additional way for buyers to find your item (for example, by size or by style).
  • Provides consistent terminology and spelling (For example, to find a particular shoe size of 6.5, buyers do not have to search for variations including "sz 6 or "6 and a half").
What do Item Specifics look like?
When buyers browse your item's category, the Item Specifics are displayed as search options in a Product Finder. Buyers navigate these Product Finder options using drop-down menus or links like the ones below to help them search for items by a specific item characteristic. This gives buyers an easy and fast way to search for your item, using Item Specifics you provide.

Why don't all categories have Item Specifics?
The Item Specifics are determined by the category in which you sell your item. For example, the Item Specifics available in an apparel category would be related to size and style, while Item Specifics in a CD music category could refer to genre and condition.

Are Item Specifics compulsory?
In most categories supporting Item Specifics, this information is optional. However, it is definitely to your benefit to complete as many of the details as are applicable. The Item Specifics you provide are displayed at the top of your item description and are used by buyers to search for items. They are considered a binding part of your item description.
   Policy: The Item Specifics feature is not currently available for all categories.