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Listing Upgrades Overview
What are Listing Upgrades?
eBay Listing Upgrades will help your listing stand out and help attract more potential buyers!

Why should I use a Listing Upgrade?
Using a listing upgrade is like merchandising for a retail store - call attention to what you are selling by investing in one of eBay's listing upgrades.

What are some examples of Listing Upgrades?
Gallery is like placing an eye-catching display in your shop window. Subtitle is like offering prospective buyers a summary of your product's features, enticing them to buy.

Are Listing Upgrade effective?
eBay Australia has recently conducted a study of the impact that Listing Upgrades have on the success of sellers.* While we can't guarantee the same results will necessarily occur for all types of listings, we encourage you to trial Listing Upgrades and find the one or two that work best for you.