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eBay Editor Kit
Display eBay listings with the eBay Editor Kit

The eBay Editor Kit enables you to add relevant eBay listings on your own Web site in minutes.

Whether you've joined the eBay Affiliates Programme or just think eBay is cool, you can quickly and easily drop eBay listings onto your site.

Create a list of up to 25 listings that complement your site content. eBay listings add a new and engaging element to your site, helping you turn first-time visitors into repeat customers. With the eBay Editor Kit, you choose which listings to display on your site, and we keep the listings fresh. Items are updated practically in real time!

Here is an example of the Editor Kit in use

It's Easy to Use
Click the 'Get Editor Kit Now' button to log-in, agree to the Editor Kit licence terms and begin customising a block of eBay listings. A helpful online wizard guides you through the steps. You'll be able to specify the search result set and format the look to fit your web site. Here are some of the variable options:
  • Search term
  • eBay category
  • Number of items displayed
  • Seller
  • Size and colours
Earn Extra Cash On Your Site
If you're interested in being compensated for your use of the Editor Kit, you can do so by joining the eBay Affiliates programme.