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Seller Education - Basic

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Tips for Writing A Good Description
Why are good descriptions important?
This is your opportunity to successfully sell your item. Include as much information as possible. More details help your buyer to make an informed purchase, and will give you an advantage over sellers who don't provide enough information.

What should I include?
As you have unlimited space to describe your item sell it like a professional salesman! Spending time creating your "perfect listing" means you can re-use your templates again and again for future listings. When you describe your item you should include the following information:

About the Item:
  • Make, Model or Brand name
  • Technical specifications (such as components, compatibility, parts etc)
  • Condition - is the item new, used, or still under warranty? Be sure to mention any flaws or repairs.
  • Year and place of manufacture or publication
  • History - does your item have a story or history that would be of interest to the buyer? Perhaps there is documentation to support your item such as a log book.

Should I include Payment, Postage and Returns information?
You may have specific policies for your items. Although these are outlined elsewhere in your listing, we recommend re-stating them in the description. Make sure you cover the following information, where applicable:

Provide as many payment options as possible to ensure you appeal to more buyers. Include:
  • Payment methods you accept
  • Number of days the buyer has to make payment
  • Instructions for the payment of expensive items

One of the most frustrating things for a buyer is not knowing how much it will cost to have their item sent to them or, worse still, being surprised by a large amount after the sale has closed. Include:
  • Postage methods you offer
  • Postage costs (with/ without insurance) - state a fixed price where possible
  • Precautions you take for fragile items

Provide buyer peace of mind by clearly outlining whether or not you accept returns, and what conditions apply. Include:
  • Whether you accept returns
  • Conditions for an acceptable return
  • Number of days buyer has to return item
Look at examples of successful listings.
Search for completed items in the same category and scan other sellers' descriptions for ideas. (But do not copy other sellers' descriptions or pictures.)

Be as descriptive and accurate as possible.
The more details you provide, the more you help buyers make an informed decision. Attract buyers and save time by answering commonly asked questions up front. And don't forget to check your spelling, otherwise your listing may not appear in search results!

Follow eBay's listing policies.
Form an accurate description of your item, making sure the vital information is included in the item's title. Do not include links to external websites, or offers to sell the item off eBay.

Of course, these basics are only meant as helpful hints for your consideration when you write your description. You are solely responsible for the description and content of your listing.
  Policy: eBay's policies prohibit imitations of brand products (for example: "Prada lookalike").