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Local Trading
What is Checkout?
   Why should I sell locally?
Some buyers will deliberately search for items close to their own location. For others buying bulky or expensive items, they may wish to organise a local pick up.

What kind of items should I consider selling locally?
  • Large, bulky items like cars, appliances and furniture
  • Fragile items like glassware, computers, and chandeliers
  • Items of local interest like concert tickets
Why would a buyer want to search locally?
By conducting a regional search, you can find items closer to you. For example, it's much easier to shop for a car or dining room table locally instead of the other side of the world. Benefits include saving in postage and handling costs, even for many smaller items. Delivery time might also be faster since your item doesn't have to travel a long distance to reach them.
I have concerns about trading with someone locally. What if the buyer/seller wants to meet in person to see the item?
Whenever you do business with a new trading partner, it is wise to be cautious. Here are some tips that apply to all situations, as well as local trading:

For sellers, always be sure to clearly state your inspection, postage, and payment terms in your item listing. Some local buyers may legitimately hope to save money on postage costs by picking up your item instead of paying for postage costs across town. This can be to your advantage since buyers may actually bid higher if they think they can save on postage. However, if you do not wish to meet buyers in person, say something like, "No pick up, will post" in your listing. Be clear about this!

If you decide to meet with the other person, pick a public place like a cafe, library, or MRT station. It's always a good idea to bring a friend too.

Rest assured that eBay does not give your street address out to anyone. If you choose to give someone your address, consider using a work address, a PO Box, or some other address other than your residence.

Buyers should always check with a seller before they bid if they're unclear about delivery terms.