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Seller Education - Basic

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Registering As A Seller
Why do I need to register as a seller?
In order to sell on eBay, members are asked to complete a verification process. This helps to provide a safe trading environment for the eBay Community. 

How much does it cost to register as a seller?
Creating a seller's account is free, and your information will be kept private on eBay's secure servers.

How do I verify my information?

By entering your credit card (either Visa or MasterCard) details into our system, you will be able to sell immediately.

   Note: Your card will not be charged to verify your identity.
How do I pay my eBay fees?
When you create a seller's account, you can choose to use the same credit or debit card to pay sellers fees or you can set up alternative payment option. Remember you can make a payment or change your payment method at any time by going to the Account section on My eBay.

eBay offers three ways to pay selling fees:

  • Credit Card on File: Each month, eBay can automatically charge your invoice amount directly to a credit card you place on file (Visa, MasterCard). Your credit card will normally be charged 5 to 7 days after you receive your invoice.
  • One-Time Credit Card: You can also make a one-time payment with your credit card.
  • One-Time Wire Transfer: Even if you do not sign up for automatic monthly payments, you can make a one-time payment from your bank account, either through online banking or an ATM.
   Note: Please don't send cash to eBay.
Your Payment Due Date
Your payments will be due the same date each month - either the 15th of the month or the last day of the month, depending on your account's invoice date.

To learn more about your seller's account, visit eBay's Help pages.