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Seller Education - Basic

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Great Listing Tips

Get the maximum benefit out of your title:
▪ Include type of product, brand, colour & condition
▪ If the product is new, state this
▪ Use all the available 55 characters if possible
▪ Avoid non-standard abbreviations
▪ Highlight the value

Many buyers won’t bid on an item without pictures, so make sure you include the right number of photos to show the item in great detail. For items over $5, we always recommend you use Gallery. If you have multiple photos, you may like to use eBay’s Picture Show (as shown here) or Picture Pack.

Experiment with the format, duration & start price.
▪ Making your item available for immediate purchase (through Fixed Price) can increase demand.
▪ Shortening the duration is a way to increase turnover of high volume product
▪ Lower start prices can generate higher demand by stimulating interest.

If Item Specifics are available in the category you are listing in, make sure you include these as they help inform the buyer with more details about the item.


Listing Designer can be used to improve the look & feel of your listing. You have many templates to choose from and it is available for free if you list using Turbo Lister

A good description will include:
▪ The title
▪ A complete product description (include features & benefits)
▪ The value will be highlighted again
▪ All information provided via bullet points
Cross-promote other items you have for sale by:

  1. including a simple HTML link to other listings (this can be added within the SYI)
  2. Providing a HTML link to remember you as a favourite seller

Policies (warranty information, return policy)
Postage Terms & Conditions.

  1. Make sure you provide a cost for postage & estimated time of delivery.
  2. Try to encourage repeat purchases by offering postage discounts for multiple purchases

Payment methods. Try to make it as easy as possible for buyers by offering multiple payment options.